The Compact Workhorse: T64H-Relay PLC

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The T64H-Relay PLC packs in a total of 40 opto-isolated inputs, 24 relay-contact outputs, AC input/DC output power supply circuitry and two independent serial ports into an extremely compact circuit board. Internally, each T64H controller comprises 256 internal relays, 40 timers, 40 counters and 8 sequencers. In addition to basic high-speed AND/OR/OUT instructions, the T64H supports a number of useful special functions such as sequencers, reversible up/down counters, differentiated instructions and latch relays to handle the most demanding applications. Up to 800 program steps can be permanently stored in the on-board EEPROM.

The T64H-Relay features two independent serial ports: one RS232C port which allows program transfer and monitoring from a PC, and one RS485 port ready for networking to a master controller for data analysis or supervisory control. Both serial ports may be simultaneously accessed by two computers, making the T64H controller an ideal choice for constructing a distributed control production system.

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WinTRiLOGI Ladder Logic Programming Editor
and Simulator software

Main Features

  • Built-in Power Supply
  • 40 bi-directional opto-coupler isolated Inputs With LED Indicators
  • 24 Relay Outputs with 2A @ 250V AC Rating
  • Programmable in Ladder Logic software With SIMULATOR - TRiLOGI
    - Creates ladder program using meaningful names
    - Uses simulator to fully test programs on the PC screen before downloading
    - On-line monitoring of all I/O logic states on ladder diagram or on full screen
  • Two Independent Serial Ports
    - One opto-isolated RS232C connect directly to computer.
    - One RS485 interface. Each controller can assume an 8-bit ID.
    - Host computer can access any controller linked to it by just two wires!
  • EEPROM Program Storage (800 steps, 40 years)
  • Very compact. Only 19.0cm (L) x 12.0cm (W) x 2.0cm (H)
  • Detachable Screw Terminal Blocks

Download T64H-Relay Installation Guide (303K) - ""
Download H-series PLCs User Manual (109K) - ""
Download WinTRiLOGI Programming Editor Help Files - WinTRiLOGIHelps.pdf
Watch a Flash Video Presentation on E and H-series PLC


T64H-Relay Starter Kit

   1)  T64H-Relay PLC x 1
   2)  5 ft long DB9 serial cable x 1
   3)  WinTRiLOGI Programming Software x 1
   4)  Programming Manual x 1
   5)  T64H-Relay Installation Guide x 1
   6)  H-series User's Manual x 1

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