The Programmable Power Controller: T40H-Relay

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Designed specifically for power control purposes, the T40H-Relay offers 16 high current (10A @ 250V AC), isolated relay outputs with 8 common terminals (every two output shares one common). The 2500VA contact rating for every output makes T40H-Relay and its sibling - T28H-Relay the only true power controllers in the industry.

Each T40H-Relay controller comprises 24 bi-directional opto-isolated inputs, 16 outputs, 128 internal relays, 20 timers, 20 counters and 8 sequencers. In addition to basic high speed AND/OR/OUT instructions, T40H supports a number of useful special functions such as sequencers, reversible up/down counters, differentiated instructions and latch relays to handle the most demanding applications.

Photograph of T40H-Relay

WinTRiLOGI Ladder Logic Programming Editor
and Simulator software

Main Features

  • On-board Power Supply which accepts a 12V AC inputs
  • 24 bi-directional, opto-isolated Inputs with LED indicators. Easily interface to 9 ~ 24V sensors with either PNP or NPN type interface.
  • 16 Relays Output each is capable of conducting 10A @250V AC continuously
  • Programmable in Ladder Logic software with SIMULATOR - TRiLOGI
    - Creates ladder program using meaningful names
    - Uses simulator to fully test programs on the PC screen before downloading
    - On-line monitoring of all I/O logic states on ladder diagram or on full screen
  • Networkable by RS485 (two-wire) bus
    - Built-in RS485 adapter. Each controller can assume an 8-bit ID. Host computer can access any controller linked to it by just two wires!
  • EEPROM program storage (400 steps, 40 years)
  • Compact size. Only 19.5cm (L) x 12.0cm (W) x 3.0cm (H)
  • Detachable screw terminal blocks

Starter Kits

To help new users get started quickly, we package Starter Kits for different models of PLC which includes practically all the hardware and software (except power supply) needed to start using the PLC.

T40H-Relay Starter Kit

   1)   T40H-Relay PLC x 1
   2)   5 ft long DB9 serial cable x 1
   3)   WinTRiLOGI Programming Software x 1
   4)   Programming Manual x 1
   5)   T40H-Relay Installation Guide x 1
   6)   H-series User's Manual x 1

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Download H-series PLCs User Manual (109K) - ""
Download WinTRiLOGI Programming Editor Help Files - WinTRiLOGIHelps.pdf
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