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Yes, you heard it right! All M-series Super PLCs are Internet-ready - you can remotely program, monitor or control your Super PLC-controlled equipment via the Internet at any time. Your PLC can also dial up via modem to get connected to the Internet, send an email or to save data to a remote location! We have the complete software and hardware solutions to attain all the above promised features today!

There are two ways of connecting the M-series PLC to the PLC:

1) Via the TLServer software running on a PC - The PC must already be connected to the LAN or the internet. This cost next to nothing because the TLServer is included with the Internet TRiLOGI programming software.

2) Via the Ethernet XServer module to connect to a LAN or the Internet.

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Benefits of Internet Connectivity

  1. Remote monitoring, control or updating of PLC programs from anywhere using a web browser. (username and password access requirements protect the system from unauthorized access)

  2. EMAIL: PLC can automatically send Emails to users upon event occurrence or  can be programmed  to periodically send production reports, etc.

  3. Excel Link: Automatic linking of data from multiple PLCs located at multiple sites around the world into an Excel spreadsheet  for instant computation of real time process or production data. (Require purchase of TRi-ExcelLink   software)

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  1. Graphical User Interface (GUI): Enables you to write your own GUI for remote data acquisition or control via the Internet.  Our Java API class library can greatly simplify your job of logging into the PLC webserver ("TLServer") and controlling the PLC via the Internet. For example, an applet that is shown on the right which can continuously monitor the PLC's internal clock and the logic states of the Input 1 and Output 1 can be created within less than half an hour. See Source Code Listing

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