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The Internet TRiLOGI Version 5.0 software also allows the M-series PLC to be programmed over the Internet using only a Java-enabled web browser such as the IE5 and Netscape Navigator version 4.5 or above.

For DEMO purpose we have made an evaluation version of the Internet TRiLOGI applet that will run off your own browser without the need for local installation. This applet will be loaded from our web-server by your browser if you click on the following link:

Run Internet TRiLOGI Applet

A proprietary web server (TLServer) and an applet version of the  ladder logic program editor and simulator software is included with the production version of the Internet TRiLOGI CD-ROM. After you have run the TLServer on a PC that is connected to either a LAN or the Internet, you can execute  the ladder logic editor program from any other computer on the same network, using only the web browser (i.e. you do not need to install the Internet TRiLOGI application program on those other PCs at all). Hence you can use the web-browser to remotely program, control and monitor the PLCs, giving you immense flexibilities.

It is important to realize that connection to the Internet or to a LAN is NOT a pre-requisite to use the Internet TRILOGI. You can use the software completely in local mode without any network connection. In that case the software is merely a Window version of the TRiLOGI software. You then have a choice of loading the TRiLOGI as a local application program or  loading the TRiLOGI applet using your web browser to do local programming.



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