Photograph of T100MD1616+

T100MD1616+ Starter Kit
(Include i-TRiLOGI Software)

DIN-KIT2nl.jpg (12007 bytes)
DIN-Rail Mounting Kit option

(with 20mA Analog output!)

* Note: This is a Legacy Product as of 1/1/2012 and has been replaced by the FMD1616-10.

  • 5 Analog I/O
    -  4 x AI - 10 bit 0-1V x2 and 0-5V x2
    -  1 x AO - 8 bits (0-20mA)

  • 16 Digital Outputs
    -  1A @24VDC each.
    -  include PWM and stepper motor
       controller outputs

  • 16 Digital Inputs (24V NPN)
    - include special inputs such as
      interrupts, high speed encoder, etc.

  • Expandable to 96 In, 96 out using EXP4040 and EXP1616R.

  • Dimension: .5.4"(L)x 4.5"(W) x 0.8"(H)

  • Optional DIN-rail mounting kit for easy installation.

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