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F-Series PLCs


The F-series PLCs are our top-of-the line Super PLCs. Each PLC incorporates a built-in Ethernet port that supports the industry standard MODBUS/TCP protocol,  are capable of driving stepper motors DIRECTLY, have a built-in battery-backed Real Time Clock, and  supports 3 serial ports and 3 High Speed Counters. Compared to our popular T100MD+/MX+ PLCs, the F-series CPU runs five times faster, have much more program and data memory and plenty of other improvements. More importantly, they are still programmed by the industry-proven Ladder+BASIC, i-TRiLOGI software that has been used for programming thousands T100MD+/MX+ applications for more than 10 years. 
Two exciting PLC models are available.  The F1616-BA PLC is especially suitable for controlling new "Smart Buildings" that embrace Green Technology, with its 24VAC or DC opto-isolated/relay I/Os, 0-10V analog I/Os and full suite of communication capabilities. The F2424 PLC includes all solid state outputs that enable it to drive up to 3 stepper motor motors directly.

The F-series PLCs have recently been reviewed by Control Design magazine based on unbiased users' feedback. We invite you to read the review at:
To find out more about each product, please click on their pictures below.  Click here to watch a short video presentation.

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"First I would like to say how much my customers like your PLCs. They are very reliable and do not create any down time for the machines that they are on. I have written to you about 2 systems that I have in Nashville, TN. That have been running now over a year without problem. The maintenance electrician at the customer called last week and had a question and I asked how the system was doing and he replied there has been no problems and he did not even know that this system was there until a tornado hit the building. How is that for no problems?"

Click here to read what users say about our PLCs.

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